I run a small ministry and was under a little pressure one day and chose to ask for some help off a powerfully anointed ministry. They have a team of intercessors that will pray for your prayer request so I sent them a detailed prayer request. In order to get the prayer request registered with them I had to sign up to their newsletter with my email address. This week I received a teaching from them that I have to seriously object to and it is a clear false teaching on who is your storehouse that the Lord requires you to tithe to. I don’t mention the name of this ministry so as to honour the Lord but I will quote what they said and make my comments in this vital article.

The teaching was on the seven blessings the Lord will give you if you bring your tithes to the storehouse mentioned in Malachi. After this teacher went through the seven blessings he went onto explain what is the storehouse that the Lord is talking about in the passage. I quote him in italics below.


Before giving these seven blessings in Malachi 3, the Lord very clearly mentions the tithes and offerings in verse 8: “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings” (Malachi 3:8). Then He says, “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse” (verse 10).

The “storehouse” is not your local church! Many years ago, I taught that the storehouse was the local church. As I have continued to study the Word, travel the world, and mature in the Lord, I have come to realize that the storehouse is not the local building but the ministry that feeds your life.

Any ministry that feeds you the Word of God is that storehouse! The Word of God is clear on this, for He says, “Bring ye all the tithe into the storehouse.” The tithe belongs to the ministry that gives you fresh bread and the meat of God’s Word.

As you support the storehouse that the Lord has placed into your life, the Lord has promised to send these seven supernatural blessings upon your life!

If this ministry has been that storehouse for you, then it is the law of God that you should give your tithes and offerings to this ministry. In fact, according to the Word of God, you should support whatever ministry God uses to feed your life.

I want to share an important truth with you. The Word of God is clear also in Deuteronomy 26 that the tithe does not belong to the dead. In the midst of teaching on the tithe, the Lord tells us, “Nor given ought thereof for the dead” (Deuteronomy 26:14). If you want to receive the seven supernatural blessings of the tithe, make sure you are not giving your tithe or offering to a dead work.

If you give to a dead ministry, there will be no result! But when you give to a ministry that is alive and preaching the Gospel to the world, then these promises will be yours.

In 292 articles that I have written thus far I have never spoken about what I consider is a false teaching and yet feel compelled to make my simple mans comment on what this teaching has to say.

First of all, for many years the Lord has provided for me and supplied all my needs without me tithing. It took an apostle I know to urge me to tithe.

Let me ask you a question first of all.

If you had a farm growing grain or anything like that, where would your storehouse be located?

Would it be on your property where you can readily fill it up and take from it as the need requires or would it be in another city or country?

It makes no sense to have a storehouse in another country does it or another city. You could have a community storehouse where all the farmers paid a little fee to store the grain there next to a rail line that could ship it interstate or where the buyers were, but another city or country would make no sense.

I have been in some churches that were pretty dry. I have had had trouble staying awake in some sermons where every five minutes I have been looking at my watch. Some preachers are simply not anointed to teach yet the same man can be a wonderful shepherd, but to say a church of God or ministry that God has raised up it actually dead is really saying it is not of God.

Where ever people exist with the Holy Spirit in them we have a place that is alive. Sure some places can seem pretty boring, but I can tell you if you pray constantly and read the Word each day, you will find what used to be a boring pastor is suddenly preaching sermons that seem to have scriptures in them that you just read the day before.

This teacher who speaks about a dead place of worship, your local church is speaking great folly. Each church in the world has a place in the Fathers heart and they might only have twenty old people in them meeting, but over a coffee if you ask one of these ladies about how to endure trials you will get a depth of wisdom come out of her. If you went in and heard old hymns and a dry sounding pastor you might never want to return, but you can be sure those twenty old ladies are being fed and are happy and even though you in your lofty ideals of what is alive and what is dead might be judging them, you might never grasp how wrong you are.

The storehouse is most definitely your local church and if your church isn’t feeding you with the meat of the Word, you might consider finding the church that will feed you what you want to hear.

In my prideful opinion last year I could hear myself saying that I haven’t found a church that even preaches meat. Most of what I heard I considered was pretty basic stuff and half an hour reading my own Bible in quite times did more for me then most sermons I heard.

Jesus in mercy put me through a very long and hard trial this past year and crushed my pride. Now I attend the same churches and suddenly I am getting a lot more out of what the same preachers are saying.

This teacher that wrote this teaching has a powerful anointing by God to heal. As a person that heals many I once bought a book he wrote on the anointing. In the future I will be a powerful healer and I wanted to learn about the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I was very sad when the book taught me nothing I didn’t know.

Being fed the meat?

This preacher has never fed me meat I have to say all pride aside. I remember Paul speaking of some other apostles in one of his letters that were causing division and arguments and him saying as for these guys they never added anything to me. Paul was saying quite simply that he had heard them speak and learned nothing from them that was any benefit to his walk.

It is a sad fact that only about 3% of the American Christians pay packet goes into tithes on a national average. This means some people are paying 10% but for every one of them paying 10% there are two people paying nothing. People think that putting a couple of dollars in the offering plate is good enough but they will spend twenty dollars on a famous TV preacher’s latest book.

I am not sure how local churches survive sometimes, the only way that they do is that the Lord God Almighty is a good bill payer and a good provider.

I had suspected for a long time that many people were being seduced into tithing to prosperity preachers instead of their own church by them saying tithe into good soil and you will get the blessings, but tithe into poor soil and you won’t, but I never thought I would ever see it in print.

I refer to this passage now.

The “storehouse” is not your local church! Many years ago, I taught that the storehouse was the local church. As I have continued to study the Word, travel the world, and mature in the Lord, I have come to realize that the storehouse is not the local building but the ministry that feeds your life.

I have to ask where is the scripture reference that says the storehouse is not the local church?

As he has continued to study the Word he has come to realise that storehouse are not on your farm locally but some other city or country?

He has studied the Word but where is the scripture that showed him that the local church is not the storehouse? Surely with much study he would in the whole Bible be able to give us one?

He has also travelled the world and in these plane trips and going to different countries he has discovered that he was wrong about where a person should tithe. Well I wonder if I travel the world will my view on tithing change?

And as he had matured in the Lord has taught him that a local pastor should be robbed of his daily bread by people like him that preach on TV and who have better returns on investment?

This man saves many souls and heals many people. But he should only ever be given a gift offering above and beyond the tithe. He should be living on the gifts of the people that love him, not 10% of their income.

The travelling, the Word, and the maturity he has in the Lord has not shown him that the storehouse is his ministry and not a church, some other teacher or a demon has told him that.

There has been times where I have spent up to a third of my income some weeks on the Lords business. In fact when you are doing something for the Lord that is bearing good fruit it is a joy to sow into it. I have no motivation to give to the Lord or to the poor so that the Lord might give back to me.

There is another false teaching that I might take this opportunity to mention. The idea of a hundred fold return is quite silly. The Lord was not talking about sowing money and getting a hundred fold returns on your investment in money. He was talking about giving $100 to Reinhart Bonke and that money being used to save twenty people who in the course of their lives bring another eighty people into the kingdom. The preacher sows the seed of the Word and the souls saved are the return that you get. You just have the chance to partner in those 20 souls getting saved and whole households of these 20 coming in over time.

Or a hundred fold returns is me taking an hour to type this message and one hundred people over time seeing the truth in it and stopping sending their tithes to liars and sowing it into their churches.

Just imagine if this article was given to a thousand people in a large church and it resulted in 50 people repenting to the Lord and starting to sow into the church as a result. Let’s say $25,000 is the average salary of these guys. That’s’ $50 per week they would be tithing and 50 people doing it now. That would be an extra $2500 for the church a week, enough for at least two more pastors.

My Seed in this article would have had a Request personal prophetic word hundred fold return for my hours work don’t you think? How do you think that for very $50 you sow to the Lord he is going to give you $5000 back? Man if that were true, this 100 fold return on tithes it would mean you could do a one day a week job and get $150 and then give the Lord $100 and get back $10,000. That really would be grand and a miracle! If your pastor is not worth paying go and find a pastor that is worth paying but don’t sit under the teaching of a man that spends hours each week praying and preparing a sermon and insult him and put no money in the offering plate.

And don’t send your money to people who promise a 100 fold return on it.

I heard one person joke once. He said, “If these guys who preach the 100 fold return knew in their heart of hearts that it was a real truth and not a lie, why don’t they get a million dollars and send 100,000 people $10 each as a love gift. Then the Lord would send them One hundred million dollars and they would never have to seduce people again or beg for money.”

Seeing as I have got your attention let me tell you something more. It is very possible for a man to heal millions of people and save millions of people with the Lords anointing and yet still be a false teacher or prophet. And let me tell your something more, most false prophets are not aware that they are false prophets.

A false prophet is simply a person that teaches something that leads the hearers away from God rather then toward Him. The false prophet might not know that what they are teaching is doing this, in fact they might believe what they are teaching has been revealed to them by the Holy Spirit.

This teacher has strayed from the Lord. Now something has to be done to get him back on the path. That is why I am going to send this to his staff, and hope that they are led by the Lord to pass it on to him.

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