Neon signs are formed from glass tubes bent into specified shapes by trained glassworkers. Special machines draw out all of the air from the tubes and replace it with noble gases such as neon, argon or helium. Neon signs are somewhat like billboard lights that we can see throughout the town in different shapes and sizes. Neon gas is very bright giving off a red glow while argon light is weak because of its reduced resistance. Argon usually comes in yellow, blue, green and white shades.

The first neon signs in the United States formed the word ‘Packard’ at a car dealership in California. Since Neon Tubes attracted more visitors to the shop it proved to be very useful for the business. Potential customers could easily spot the shop even from distant roadways due to Neon Signs.

Neon signs are usually made to advertise for hotels, bars, casinos and entertainment places. If you are in a bad location that is not very advantageous you might consider neon. Neon can be seen from far away to let people know your business is there and which services you offer. Neon signs are the best option for any business who offers multiple services. It is important to let your community know if you offer a service that is unique. neon light signs can be seen from very far away. Your poor location will no longer make any difference. Neon signs can be designed to be static displays, such as the ubiquitous open/closed signs in restaurants, or they can be animated. A series of different neon lights can be switched on and off to give the illusion of motion.

During 1940’s advertisers and promoters used animation techniques to draw customers into casinos and theaters. Whether you’re an avid fan, student or alumni, college neon signs is a great way to show support for your favorite college sports team. Show your team pride and let all your friends or customers know whose number one. Modern signs can even be computer controlled to provide animation and movement. Collectors even buy classic signs online for hundreds of dollars each. There is an appeal to the soft glow of a neon light that is hard to replace, and that is why business owner would be well served by advertising their business with one.

When there are neon signs at bar, the image selected for the sign tells a lot about the atmosphere prevailing in the bar. This helps the customers to understand whether the ambience inside the bar will be of their liking or not. People come to a conclusion on seeing the neon signs at the entrance of any outlet.

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