Rubber mulch is one of the very popular forms of flooring on most playgrounds these days. This is because of its ability to break the falls of any kid and its bouncing ability. Rubber mulch is made from recycled tire materials that are available as long people still continue to use tires.

Using rubber mulch is an extremely effective way of minimizing the degree of injuries any child might normally sustain on the playgrounds. Rubber mulch can be applied to any playground that has previous surfaces and it is more easily affordable than asphalt, granite and grass as playground flooring material.

These days it is a common thing to see may homes, communities and neighborhoods own their own playground and the preferred flooring materials that most of them use is the rubber mulch. This is because it isn’t as expensive as the others and has a longer span of life. Other places where you are most likely to find rubber mulch are the zoos and amusement parks, the decks of swimming pools, entrances to offices and in shopping malls.

But since rubber mulch is basically made from tires that are recycled, would it be harmful to the environment? Recent research has suggested that it is possible given that rubber mulch has a high concentration of zinc in it. Prolonged exposure to weather and climatic elements are sure to cause leaching. Therefore, leaking zinc into the soil and harming and polluting the soil habitat and its environs.

However, this is stipulated to happen in 안전놀이터 nothing short of 25 years. So, you can install it and when the kids are all grown up, you can remove them and send them over to recycling plants. At least it is sure that the kids would not be using the playground for 25 years except there is something wrong.

However, just to be on the safe side, it is always better to request for the components of the rubber mulch from either the manufacturer or the seller of the rubber mulch. This will give you an idea of what components are very harmful and which is not and also ensure that you get an assurance from the supplier that his rubber mulch does not contain any form of steel or any other pollutant at that.

But in all, you’ll find that using rubber mulch gives your playground the superior look and feel, not to mention the dynamic nature of designs wrought from rubber mulch these days. You can also use it having the peace of mind that it is not likely that a layer will wear off or decay for the next two centuries.

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